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                  The Strategic Cooperation between Shangtex and Huangpu District Government
                     p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20140421/20140421162731_4648.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p nbsp; nbsp;Shangtex Holding Co., Ltd. And People’s Government of Huangpu District signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the afternoon of April 8th. Several leaders of Shangtex attended the signing ceremony, such as Mr. Xi Shiping, Board Chairman, Mr. Tong Jisheng, Party Secretary, Mr. Zhu Yong, President, and Mr. Cheng Ying, Vice President. In the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Yong and Mr. Peng Song, Governor of Huangpu District, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. /p p nbsp; nbsp;The strategic cooperation theme between Shangtex and Huangpu District Government is to jointly promote the deep cooperation on Shanghai Fashion Week, jointly promote the construction of the creative parks, and jointly promote the international development for the selfowned brands. In the future, both parties will explore new fields for the strategic cooperation timely in accordance with the needs of the market development. Besides, both parties agree to jointly establish and gradually improve the multilevel and multimode coordination and operation mechanism. /p p br / /p p align="left" nbsp; /p

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