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                  The Blooming of "Prolivon" in Shanghai Fashion Week This Autumn
                     p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20131023/20131023094902_2175.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20131023/20131023094921_0306.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20131023/20131023094958_2247.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p align="center" nbsp;img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20131023/20131023095451_2815.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p nbsp; p nbsp; nbsp;Prolivon, a highend brand of Shangtex, presented a magnificent fashion show Prolivon 2014 S/S Fashion Trend Release for Shanghai Fashion Week this autumn at the “Binary Star” Show Hall of Taiping Lake Xintiandi on the night of October 18th. Government Officials, company leaders and other special guests attended the event, such as Ms. Xiang Yuehua, Deputy Director of Stateowned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government and Mr. Zhu Yong, President of Shangtex. /p p nbsp; nbsp; Under the Sea is the theme of this trends release. According to this theme, special designs were displayed in each chapters of the fashion show, which presented the simple, comfortable and elegant style Prolivon boasts. The designers integrated the traditional Chinese aesthetics and the Western Art, with the oriental aesthetic spirit of connotation, which made fashion and art mutual blended and penetrated. nbsp; nbsp; /p p br / /p p br / /p

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