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                The Opening of 2013 Shanghai Fashion Week at Shanghai Fashion Center
                   p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20131022/20131022140425_6291.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20131022/20131022140445_3163.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p nbsp; p nbsp; nbsp;The opening ceremony of 2013 Shanghai Fashion Week, Fosun Charity Foundation#8226;China Fashion Awards Ceremony and Work Release of New Cuttingedge Designers, was held at Shanghai Fashion Center on the night of October 16th. Many government officials, company leaders and other guests attended it, such as Mr. Xi Shiping, Deputy Director of Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee, Chairman of Shanghai Garment Trade Association (SGTA) and Board Chairman of Shangtex Holding Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zhu Yong, Deputy Director and SecretaryGeneral of Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee and President of Shangtex. /p p nbsp; nbsp;This event was jointly organized by Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee and Fosun Charity Foundation, which not only provided a platform for the domestic designers to display their talents, but also introduced a new element and strength Shanghai Fashion Week which leads the fashion trends, through this crossboarder cooperation. /p p br / /p /p

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