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                  Shangtex and SJY Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
                     p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20131012/20131012094440_0185.jpg" / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p nbsp; nbsp;Shangtex Holding Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiao Yun Group Co., Ltd. (SJY) signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on September 29th. Mr. Xi Shiping, Board Chairman of Shangtex, Mr. Zhu Yong, President of Shangtex, Mr. Chen Chenkang, Board Chairman of SJY, Mr. Zhu Jimin, President of SJY, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. On the ceremony, Mr. Xi said that Shangtex can further connect and cooperate with SJY on the basis of Shangtex core businesses, such as international trade and modern textile manufacture, and SJY’s excellent resources and businesses. Mr. Zhu Yong and Mr. Zhu Jimin, representing Shangtex and SJY, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. /p p align="left" nbsp; /p

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