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                Seminar on China Korea Garment Industries held in Shangtexeld in Shangtex
                   p align="center" img alt="" src="/UploadFiles/kindeditor/image/20130705/20130705150351_4235.jpg" / /p p nbsp; nbsp;Korean guests led by Mr. Cui Bingwu, Chairman of Korean HYUNGJI GROUP, Vice Chairman of Korea Garment Association and Vice Chairman of Korea Federation of Textile Industry visited Shangtex on July 2nd. Mr. Xi Shiping, Board Chairman of Shangtex and Chairman of Shanghai Garment Trade Association, and Mr. Dai Ziyi, SecretaryGeneral of Shanghai Garment Trade Association attended the meeting and showed great hospitality to the Korean guests. As an important representative of Korea Garment Industry, Mr. Cui visited Beijing as a member of diplomatic corps when Ms. Park Geunhye, President of South Korea, visited China recently. /p p br / /p p br / /p p align="center" nbsp; /p p align="left" nbsp; /p

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