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              About us
              Centuries’ Legend
              Today’s Achievements
              Mission,Vision Enter
              Organization Frame
              Subsidiaries’ Direct
              Automotive Textiles
              New Types of Textile
              Types of Fiber
              Apparel / Home Texti
              Fabric / Yarn
              Foreign Trade
              Fashion Industry
              R&D service
              Corporate Social Res
              Public Welfare Estab
              Business Scope
              Industrial Textiles
              Automotive Textiles
              New Types of Textile
              New Types of Fibers
              Brands of New Fiber
              Brands Manufacture
              Manufacture Bases Br
              International Trade
              Import and Export Tr
              Ratio of Imp. & Exp.
              Export Areas and Ove
              Fashion Industry
              Classic Brands
              Fashion Brands
              Agent Brands
              Shanghai Fashion Wee
              Mode Shanghai
              Shanghai Internation
              Shanghai Internation
              Art Industrial Park
              Science & Technology
              Digital Fashion Desi
              National Test (Stand
              National Informatio
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